Monday, April 25, 2011

My Next Post About Israel

First, it was about a week since I posted last.  After that Shabbat, we got ready for Pesach by throwing away all the bread in our house.  Then we went to a Passover seder and learned about Jews escaping Egypt.  The next day we had dinner at a friend's house. It wasn't Pesach seder but it was a very big meal.  Then the next morning we went to a Bible museum about the Bible.  We had a worksheet to do.  On Friday we went to Ben Yehuda street which is the most famous street in Israel.  We had kosher meat at McDonald's - Yay!  On Saturday we went to an Orthodox synagogue which means religious, very religious.  We played at Liberty Bell Park which is a park that has fake exercise kids' equipment.  yay.  On Sunday we went to the Time Elevator which was a "4-D" movie experience about Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) and its history and it was really cool.  Today we went to another Orthodox synagogue for seventh day of Passover services.  It was really fun because we played Homomo/Chaye Sarah with three kids there.

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