Sunday, August 14, 2011

My end of the trip slide show

I will be showing you the slide show of our whole trip.

Last trip to the Old City

Today we went to the Old City.  We went to the Wall (Kotel) for the last time.  We wrote another note and put it into the wall.  But I can't tell you what I wrote.  On the way there we went to Max Brenner's in the Mamilla Mall and got a chocolate syringe. It was amazing!

Lacrosse at Kraft Stadium

these are the lacrosse players

this is the lacrosse band
Yesterday night we saw a lacrosse game.  It was the first organized lacrosse game EVER in Israel.  It was really really cool because we got to play a little lacrosse.  We got to shoot a goal on the goalie and I scored!  It was very fun.

My friend Tzvi

I  met a friend a sports camp named Tzvi.  We became very good friends and even had a sleepover.  We had so much fun together.  Tzvi fell asleep during the movie at family night and I wanted to say goodbye to him so we had to wake him. 
this is me and Tzvi

All Star Sports Camp Family Night

A few days ago we went to Kraft Stadium where we have our camp to do Family Night.  First we played dodgeball, kids against parents.  Then we tested Coke, RC, and Pepsi to see if we could tell which was which.  It was kind of hard.  My dad was very good at it.  After that I played a little more dodgeball and after we watched a movie called Space Jam.  And then we went home.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mitnapchim! In English, Bounce Houses!

A few days ago at All Star Sports Camp we had bounce houses.  A few of them had water and a few were just slides.  But we had SO MUCH FUN! 

That's me with a few of my friends.

This is me waiting in line for the Titanic, the steepest slide.

This is a counselor on a mini-slide.

This is the steepest non-wet slide.

Shabbat in Ofra

On our trip with the congregation, we had two tour guides and we went to one of their houses in Ofra which is a place in the suburbs of Jerusalem.  It is considered a settlement.  I will post an article about Ofra from Wikipedia:

"Ofra's establishment was part of a struggle between the Gush Emunim settlement movement, which was founded in February 1974, and the Israeli Labor government, which opposed Israeli settlement amid densely populated Palestinian areas. The establishing group first obtained jobs at a nearby military base on Mount Baal Hatsor, then in April 1975 got permission to sleep over in the abandoned barracks of a Jordanian army base, but then brought in their families and raised an Israeli flag. Though opposed by then Prime Minister, Rabin, and perhaps because of his opposition, Ofra was given the political backing by Shimon Peres, then a leading member of Rabin's government. After the Labour Party was defeated by the Likud Party in the 1977 Israeli election, the new government recognized Ofra as a community and paving the way for expansion into the surrounding hills."

I will post a few pictures of the park that we went to there.  The slide was steep but the material was very slow.  We met some kids at the park and they were nice but they only spoke Hebrew so we had a little trouble communicating.  But it was okay.  Then we met a kid from Canada but his parents were from Russia.  He spoke English and Russian but that's it.  That's it for now.   Here are some pictures.

This is the Ofra playground.

This is me in the tour guide's house.

That's just a view of Ofra.