Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life at School in Israel

Well, today I am writing about my school.  I call it a "school-pan," but it's actually called an Ulpan.  That means it's a school where we learn just Hebrew.  There's no science or math or social studies.
There I am in front of my new school. with the name on the sign.  It means"School for New Older Immigrant Students"
We're so happy to be at school, we're jumping for joy.
It's very tough, because everybody reads in cursive Hebrew, and I can't even do English cursive.  I have friends, a  few of them.  One's name is Chaim, the next is Benjamin, and the last is Daniel.  They all speak English, but some kids in my class are French.  There's only 6 kids in all in the class, all boys.  The girls are in a separate class.

That's it for now.

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