Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Next Few Weeks in Israel

I love the food in Israel, especially a place called Waffle Bar.  It's a really good Waffle place that has waffles covered with all kinds of treats like chocolate, apples, and bananas. 
This is Waffle Bar, and they have chocolate and vanilla chairs!

Another place that I really love is Max Brenner's Chocolate, but the one closest to us is fake.  It's really just an ice cream place called Aldo.  Except we found a real one, luckily, in a mall, and they had chocolate syringes, my favorite.
These are the chocolate syringes at the real Max Brenner's.  It's pure liquid chocolate, very good!

 Of course, we're also eating lots of falafel, and I really like this place called Felafel Doron.
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So, we went to Ben Yehuda Street, which is one of the most famous streets in Israel yesterday to celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day.  We went to a concert and got shaving cream and silly string on us.  That part wasn't too fun.  We also stayed up very late, until 11:30 PM, to watch Fireworks.  It was supposed to start at 10:30, but it didn't. We were walking home because we had given up and were too tired, and in the middle of crossing the street we heard a pop, and we looked back and saw the fireworks. 
These are the fireworks, except they were way cooler in person.
We also observed a holiday called Yom Hazikaron, which is Israel's Memorial Day.  On both the day of and the night before we heard sirens, and we saw people get out of their cars in the middle of the road for the siren, and everybody had a moment of silence. 

We also went to a museum called the "Underground Prisoners Museum," not because the prison was underground, but because the prisoners were people who fought in the Underground for Israel. 
This is what the prison cells look like.  They had to sleep on the ground, wow!
That's it for now.  Bye.


  1. Hi Jonah,
    I like your reports on the food - especially the chocolate. I found a place here in the Bay area that makes chocolate falafel but I haven't tried it yet.

    Are the waffles like American waffles?
    The chocolate syringes seem addictive!


  2. JOnah
    I got your email.
    When you get back we can try it together.