Friday, April 8, 2011

China: No Social Networking!

 Well, we were in China for the last week and I couldn't post on my blog because there's no blogspot, there's no facebook, there's no youtube, there's no twitter.  So we couldn't really do anything.  Anyways, the first day we just got to our hotel and settled in.  The next day, we, well I, went on a Jewish tour about Shanghai.
Ohel Moshe from the Jewish Tour of

This is me with the Chinese people from the Jewish tour, again.  I was cracking up, they were like grabbing me.  It was funny.

I got the most expensive thing on the Jewish tour of Shanghai, which was a basketball, which you'll learn about later in the post.
Rabbits at the Shanghai market

They were playing cards near Mr. Wong's house on the Jewish tour of Shanghai.
 It was kinda interesting but not really.

Then we took a train to another place in China called Kaifeng.  The first day there, again, we settled in.  Then we saw this awesome Jewish tour guide who taught us about the Kaifeng Jews and taught us about the history of Kaifeng.  His name was Shi Lei.  He took us to the Imperial Palace which is a famous place in Kaifeng.  The next day we went to a park where there was an exhibit or exhibition on Jews in Kaifeng.  We went down a lot of slides and crossed our arms and laid down and put our heads back on the slide and that made us go SUPER FAST!  Then we went to the site of the mikveh which is a Jewish term and you go bathe in it.  Right now it is blocked up because there is no Jewish community to use it.  Then we went to Teach Torah Lane which was once called Sinew-Plucking Religion Lane.  I gave a person a basketball there.  Maybe he'll become the next Yao Ming!  Then we went to the Shi Lei family museum at his house and saw some cool things.
This is a wild cock that we saw on Teach Torah Lane.

This is me and our tour guides throughout all of China, the Bessler/Baum family.

This is a picture of me and my friend Max who is also in the tour guide family.

This is me and the boy I gave the basketball to.  And maybe he'll be the next Yao Ming, like I said.

This is me with some more tourists and my brother's friend Eli from the tour guide family and Shi Lei our Kaifeng Chinese Jewish tour guide.

This is where the mikveh used to be.

This is Shi Lei's family.

This is Teach Torah Lane.

This is a traditionl Chinese outfit with a lot of makeup.

Next we went to the airport and flew to Beijing.  Then we had dinner and went to bed.  Then we woke up and met a tour guide named Liyo and went into the Forbidden City.  And after we got out of the Forbidden City, my friend and I danced and attracted a crowd.  Then we went to the Temple of Heaven which is a very famous building, one of the most in China.  Then we went to bed.  When we woke up we went to a VERY VERY famous tourist attraction and site, The Great Wall of China.  First we took a cable car up to it, cause it's very high, and my dad and Eli rode in the same car that Bill Clinton rode in when he visited the Wall.  So when we got up, we took a long walk around and it was a great view.  Especially at the top hill, well it wasn't the very top, but it was very high and really hard to climb.  None of the girls (the mommies) climbed it.  Then we went back.  On our way back to the car, we got a shirt that said I Climbed The Great Wall!  And that will be a souvenir that I will show you (if Mrs. Green is reading this post out loud to the class).  And then we went home.  The last day we shopped and went to a show that had traditional Chinese dancing.  My two favorite parts were the guy who changed masks in the blink of an eye and the magician.  Then we went to the airport and that's China.  So, that's all I want to say.  See ya!


  1. Hi Jonah

    I saw many of the same things when I was in China, including some of the Jewish things.

    Did you try the tea in China? I thought it was some of the best I tasted.


  2. I did try the tea. it was the best i agree