Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well, for the past couple days we have been in Dubai.  The first day we landed and then just settled in.  Then we unpacked, went swimming, and worked on our Wi-Fi.  We have been staying at a really really nice house because my dad's friend Justin is the US Consul General here so we have security guards - yay!
The next day, we went to world's second biggest mall, The Mall of the Emirates, and there is also a really huge, well not really huge, but pretty big arcade in side.  It had rides, arcade games, and was pretty fun.  It is called Magic Planet (  There was also an indoor place where you could go skiing!  I was amazed!
This is the Dubai ski place that I talked about.  Amazing, huh?

This is the Mall of the Emirates, the second biggest mall in the world.

That is me in Magic Planet on the bumper cars.
 The next day we saw Rango, a movie.  It was pretty funny, it was actually really funny.  Then we went to a Gold Market which is called a Souk (pronounced sook) here.  Then we went home, had dinner, and went to bed.
This is the Gold Souk that I talked about and it has A LOT OF GOLD!

The next day we went to the biggest mall in the world and went to the biggest fake-adult kids thing in the world, Kidzania ( where kids got to be adults. It was really fun. I recommend it to all.  Then we went to the Lower Ground level and then went to a high level like the 124th floor of the Dubai tower which is actually called the Burj Kalifa ( and is the tallest building in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  Then we went to a huge place called Sega Republic ( It had rides, games, and fun.  Well, we didn't go inside but it looked so fun. I recommend it to all.


This is the bank inside Kidzania where you exhange your cheque for Kidzoes.

This is the Kidzania sign/logo.

This is the Kidzania race track that I raced my brother on. As you could expect, I lost.

This is the Flamingo Hotel where the Kidzania fire fighters put out the fire.

This is me at the window and view at the Burj Kalifa.

This is my brother and dad scared of heights at the Burj Kalifa.

I am on a telescope at the Burj Kalifa. I am looking out a telescope there.

This is a picture of the tallest building in the world.

Today we are going to the tallest hotel in the world (Burj Al Arab).  A lot of tallest here.  Tallest, Biggest. Dubai sets a lot of world records.  That's it, bye!

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