Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm on the Radio!

This is the host of the morning show which I was on.  His name is Adam.  
So, for the last two Sundays I have been on an English radio station called Rusty Mike Radio.  I had a private Hebrew lesson with the person who is trying to make a business out of the Ulpan (Hebrew language school) that my parents are going to, and he's on the radio every morning.  So I got to be on the radio.  He does "K'tzat Ivrit," which means "a little Hebrew," and he teaches the listeners a word.   The first word was l'hishava, which means to swear.  Not like to curse, but like to pledge.  They recorded me saying:  "Hi, this is Jonah, and you're listening to Rusty Mike Radio."  Every so often they play it during the day.

This Shabbat we did a sleepover trade with the family below, called the Greybers, who we knew from Camp Ramah.  My friend Benjamin slept over at my house, and my brother went to their house with his friend Alon.
The Bloom and Greyber boys on Yom Hazikaron,  Israel's Memorial Day
I'm starting to learn more Hebrew in school.  I met a friend from school at the park the other day.  His name is Benyamin, and he speaks French.  But we played some soccer together, so we didn't need to say much.  Then I said I wanted to go home because I was hot.  At that moment, when I was walking I felt something coming out of my nose.  I wiped, and there was blood on my hand.  We had no tissues to wipe it with, so I just had to pinch the bridge of my nose, and that stopped the bleeding.  

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  1. Sounds like you are having a very nice time (except for maybe the nose bleed)